Day 20; Gdansk – Bytów, 95 km

The trips first tire puncture happened today and almost as it was made to happen on a timer. Exactly after entering Kartuzy my back tire was flat:-( Not a big deal as we kind of expected it to happen sometime or the other. It was quickly exchanged with a new tube and I was ready for more action. It happened not far from the main square in Kartuzy and we thus choose to eat at the local restaurant.

Above picture; my dad removing the tire;-) An audio status report can be heard here (in Danish only).

The weather out of Gdansk was somewhat dull, so the remaining part of the trip from Kartuzy until Bytów was a delight – sunny weather and not too cold. Actually what bothered us most on this route was road construction outside Gdansk and some badly paved parts of the road.

In Bytów we booked us into a room in the local city castle – which also served as Hotel Zamek. It was quite funny to be accommodated in a room with arrow slits serving as the only windows. In general the hotel was kept in a nice old style reflecting the castle it was situated in.

Whether Bytów had any other tourist attractions I do not know, we did not find any really:-)

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