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Dear everybody,

Welcome to my blog which is here to tell you and everybody about my bicycle trip from Slantsy in Russia to Esbjerg in Denmark. Slantsy where i have been working for the last two years and Esbjerg where I have been born and lived the first … I guess 21 years.

As many will already know I am not doing the trip alone, since my dad has joined in which I am really happy for. We expect to be on the road for around 5 weeks and some 2.500 km through the Baltics, Kaliningrad, Poland, Germany and the west part of Denmark. The planned route can be found on Google Maps.

My dad and I arrived to Slantsy today around seven o’clock in the evening after a trouble free crossing at the Narva-Ivangorod border. It was probably the fastest ever crossing I have made from Estonia into Russia by car – only 1 hour and 15 minutes – almost a pleasure. The weather was magnificant and we got a nice picture of us in front of the castle on the Russian side. I will try to remember to post the picture here, however below you can find me and my dad in front of the (huge soviet) city sign in Slantsy:

Tomorrow we will begin our bike trip from my work place where I have been working the last 22 months. We expect this to happen just after 13.00 hours local time.

Before that can happen and we can I unfortunately have a tight schedule of packing and other smaller things to do, however if everything goes well we should be having a nice view of the Chudskoe lake some 70 km to the south from Slantsy in Spitseno.

Oh… one last comment, some of you are probably thinking why am I not writing this in Danish. Ask my Russians and foreign friends:-)

Take care…


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