Day 31; Flensburg – Esbjerg, 126 km

How does it feel to have biked 2.698 kilometres the last 31 days? Just f****** great!

We drove towards and into Esbjerg in its most common state (see below picture); overcast, threatening clouds, strong wind gusts from the west, wind turbines turning fast in the wind and a harbour that never sleeps. That is how I have known Esbjerg, will know it and how I like it. Esbjerg is like miners deep down in the shafts in compare to Copenhagen’s hub of high-rise clerks.

This was our goal this morning, when we left our hotel at eight fifteen, ate breakfast and began spinning our pedals at a few minutes to nine. Six kilometres after we crossed the last border on our trip – the border to Denmark (see the pictures below). I still remember a time where we had to show passports but now the only sentinels are sex and liquor shops. Good the same!

Unfortunately I cannot make this following statement without sounding like a patriotic junk head, but anyhow the last months experience tells that the best bicycle roads we have been driving on are in Denmark, period! This fact and the fact that we had a good amount of tailwind meant that we drove like being on EPO to Ribe where I had yet another puncture. Typical.

It was a strange feeling to drive into the driveway on Strynøvej after being on the road for so long. It was both a nice feeling and a sad feeling. Sad because the trip came to an end as quickly as it begun. But in my world ends does not exit they only lead to new things. It was nice to see my mum and cousin greeting us in the entrance. Nice to get eat familar food. I think you guys got the idea;-)

So, now you probably think you got rid of me spamming you with blog posts about the one boring detail or the other. No, you don’t, sorry. Being the geek I am – I will find pleasure in posting some statistical information about our trip and hopefully also some highlights.

So stay tuned the following days. As said the trip never ends.

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